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Updating your listings for managed payments

Once your account is activated for managed payments, we'll update your listings to reflect all the ways your buyers can pay.

The information on this page applies only to customers who live in the Philippines, Singapore, or Malaysia. Customers who live outside these locations should read our article on Updating your listings for managed payments.

When your account is activated for managed payments, you’ll receive an email notification to let you know when everything has been updated.

What we’ll update during the transition

When we activate your account for managed payments you’ll see the following changes:
  • New payment options will be available for your international buyers, including Apple Pay on mobile and app, Google Pay on mobile, app, and desktop, alongside credit and debit cards, and PayPal
    • Some locations may offer additional payment methods
  • Your payouts will be received in your linked Payoneer account
  • Some of your listings on international eBay sites may not be supported for managed payments and will be ended, and applicable fees credited automatically
  • If you list on an eBay site that has additional restricted categories for managed payments and had active listings in any of the managed payments restricted categories, they’ll be automatically ended 
  • Domestic listings must accept an offline payment option, or the listing will be ended, and applicable fees credited automatically

During the transition, some item sales may still go to your PayPal account. Once the transition is complete, all your payouts will be sent to your linked Payoneer account.

Listings with bids or offers

If a listing has bids or offers, we won’t update it until the purchase is complete. One of your requirements as a seller is that you may not change the listing between the time of the bid or offer and the completion of the purchase.

Here’s what we consider a listing with a bid or offer:

  • An auction-style listing that’s received bid(s)
  • A listing with an open offer from a buyer
  • A listing where you’ve made an offer to a buyer and they haven’t responded yet

What happens if a listing has a bid or offer

Since listings with bids or offers won’t be updated, you’ll need to handle them the same way you would have before being activated for managed payments. If your buyer selected PayPal as a form of payment when making their bid or offer before you were activated for managed payments, you’ll receive their payment to your PayPal account.

Restricted items

All sellers must follow the guidelines in our Prohibited and restricted items policy, and managed payments sellers may have additional restrictions on what they can list on eBay based on the eBay site they are listing on. Listings that don’t follow these rules may be removed from the site or from search results.

Creating new listings

Once your account is activated for managed payments, you can easily create new listings in Seller Hub.

Here’s how to create a new listing in Seller Hub:

  1. In Seller Hub, go to Listings.
  2. Select Create listing.

When you create new listings, you'll receive an error if you try to submit a listing offering replacements and exchanges as a return policy.

If you use eBay listing APIs, you will still be able to list and get item information through APIs.

Please note: Some listing tools (such as FileExchange) may still allow you to submit a PayPal email address for your listings. However, this selection will be ignored, and the listing will automatically accept payments through managed payments. You’ll no longer be required to submit a PayPal account address on these listings.


When your account is activated for managed payments, your listings will be automatically updated with supported payment methods within 24 hours.

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