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If you think you've been overcharged for fees or your bill seems high, please review your invoice for more information. You can also check the fee details for a specific item you've sold.

An unexpected charge may be to cover something such as:

  • Processing fee for a rejected payment due to insufficient funds
  • Insertion fee for an item that didn't sell
  • Late fee for an overdue bill
  • Monthly subscription fee for an eBay Store or certain selling tools, such as Selling Manager Pro
  • Listing was ineligible for a promotion or discount

Keep in mind that insertion fees and optional listing upgrade fees are charged if the item doesn't sell, as well as every time the item is relisted. 

In certain situations, you may be eligible for a credit for the final value fee, the insertion fee, or both—for example, if you canceled the sale, the buyer didn’t pay, or the item was returned.

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