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If you've sold an item or accepted a best offer but haven't been paid, there are a few things you can check:

  • Review the Sold section in your account to make sure that the buyer has completed checkout. A blue check mark indicates checkout is complete. If they haven't completed checkout, contact them through Messages. 
  • Make sure the buyer sent payment to an email address that has been added to your PayPal account and confirmed.
  • If the email address on your listing was incorrect or misspelled, you can send the buyer a manual PayPal invoice.
  • If there's an issue with the buyer and you can't resolve it, or if the buyer doesn't respond, you can resend the invoice, cancel the sale, or open an unpaid item case. Wait 2 business days after the listing ends before you open an unpaid item case to give your buyer time to pay. Unpaid items must be reported within 32 days of the listing ending. Otherwise, we'll consider it as paid and you won;t be able to report it. 

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