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Sellers are expected to create great experiences for buyers. If a buyer has a negative experience with a transaction, it can result in a defect for the seller. The following count as defects:

  • Seller-canceled transactions (you no longer have the item, or chose not to ship it)
  • Cases closed without seller resolution (after eBay steps in to help, and the seller is found responsible)             

Defects will be automatically removed if:

  • The buyer didn't pay for an item and an unpaid item request is filed against them
  • The defect was the direct result of an eBay issue
  • We take action against a buyer for activity that violates our buying practices policy
  • We can determine that the defect was the direct result of systemic delays in delivery or communication. Qualifying events are listed on our announcement board.

The maximum number of defects allowed varies by seller level:

Top Rated Seller

 Less than or equal to 0.5% of transactions, and 3 or less defects from unique buyers

Above Standard

 Less than or equal to 2% of transactions, and 4 or less defects from unique buyers

Below Standard

 Greater than 2% of transactions, and 5 or more defects from unique buyers

You can check your seller performance on your seller dashboard. Your transaction defect rate report can show you which transactions resulted in defects.

Defect rate is the number of seller-canceled transactions plus the number of cases closed without seller resolution divided by the total number of transactions.

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