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The only feedback metric that can affect your selling performance is your buyers’ response to our delivery feedback question.
If you choose not to use tracking, we’ll ask your buyer if they received their item within the estimated delivery timeframe. If your buyer reports that it didn’t arrive on time, it counts as a late shipment.

If you have online tracking to show that the item did arrive on or before the estimated delivery date, you can appeal the late shipment by sending us the tracking number we can view online.

When there's no tracking information and no buyer response on the delivery feedback question, the transaction isn't included in your late shipment rate calculation.

If you've received feedback that you're concerned about, you have 30 days to work with your buyer to request a revision. Here’s how:

  • Contact the buyer.
  • Find a solution that satisfies everyone involved.
  • Ask the buyer to revise their feedback.

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