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To cancel or retract a bid, it must meet the requirements of our bid retraction policy. Whether you can retract your bid or not depends on the following factors:

  • Why you are retracting your bid
  • When your bid was placed
  • When the listing ends

You can retract your bid for the following reasons:

  • You accidentally enter the wrong bid amount. For instance, you bid $99.50 instead of $9.95. If this occurs, enter the correct bid amount immediately after you retract your bid. If you don't place another bid, the retraction will be in violation of eBay's policy and could result in your suspension.
  • The description of an item you've bid on has changed significantly after you placed your bid.
  • You can't contact the seller. This means that you tried to call the seller, but the seller's phone number doesn't work, or you have tried emailing a message to the seller and it comes back as undeliverable.

Bid retractions only apply to auction format listings. There's no equivalent for bid retraction in Buy It Now listings. Once you've confirmed your purchase, you're obligated to pay the seller. If you've used the Buy It Now option by accident, you should email the seller immediately by using the "Ask Seller a Question" link from the listing page. You should explain what happened and ask if the seller is willing to cancel your purchase. Only the seller is able to do this.

To retract a bid, use the Bid Retraction form.

Learn more about Bid Retraction.

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