Here's what we found for "Item you were bidding on is gone"

An item you were looking at or bidding on may be removed from eBay because:

  • The seller ended the listing early. Most sellers explain why at the top of the listing. Alternately, you can contact the seller to know more.
  • Another buyer used Buy It Now so the listing ended immediately
  • There was an issue with the listing so we removed it. When this happens, we email bidders to explain why. If you don't see this email in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder.

If you've purchased the item and can't find it, look for it in the following places:

  • Purchase history – Be sure to scroll through all the sections labeled Canceled items, Canceled invoices, and Returns and canceled orders
  • A confirmation email – If you bought the item as a guest, the listing won't appear in your purchase history. Instead, look for the confirmation email you received after you bought the item. This email includes all order details.

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